Chase Nordengren

Public scholarship driving instructional equity and innovation

Chase Nordengren, PhD is a Sr. Research Scientist at NWEA, where he supports the Professional Learning team with primary and secondary research that drives content innovation and instructional improvement. His work includes needs assessment and program evaluation services for partners, supporting school improvement processes, and thought leadership on formative assessment and student goal setting practices. He received a PhD in Leadership, Policy, and Organizations in K-12 Systems from the University of Washington as a US Department of Education Institute of Educational Sciences (IES) pre-doctoral fellow. He is the author of Step Into Student Goal Setting: A Path to Growth, Motivation, and Agency.


Sep 2021 My new book Step into Student Goal Setting: A Path to Growth, Motivation, and Agency will be released by Corwin Press in January.
May 2021 Released a theory of change for NWEA professional learning.
Oct 2020 My newest article co-written with Thomas Guskey explores the importance of evaluating professional learning.

selected publications

  1. Chart a Clear Course: Evaluation Is Key to Building Better, More Relevant Learning
    Nordengren, Chase; and Guskey, Thomas R.
    The Learning Professional
  2. Development and Validation of a Survey on Outcomes of Professional Learning
    Nordengren, Chase R.
    Professional Development in Education
  3. Goal-Setting Practices That Support a Learning Culture
    Nordengren, Chase
    Phi Delta Kappan
  4. Ties and Talk: Tracing the Work of Informal Teacher Leaders through Mixed Methods Social Network Research
    Nordengren, Chase R.
    Doctoral dissertation, University of Washington