1. Inspiring Student Ownership of Learning Is a Critical Part of COVID-19 Recovery
    Nordengren, Chase
    Post for ScholasticEDU Blog
  2. Focusing Squarely on Students: A Theory of Change for NWEA Professional Learning
    Nordengren, Chase
    NWEA white paper
  3. Starting the Conversation About Alternative Grading Systems
    Nordengren, Chase
    Post for Edutopia Blog


  1. Chart a Clear Course: Evaluation Is Key to Building Better, More Relevant Learning
    Nordengren, Chase; and Guskey, Thomas R.
    The Learning Professional
  2. Development and Validation of a Survey on Outcomes of Professional Learning
    Nordengren, Chase R.
    Professional Development in Education
  3. Making It Work: How Formative Assessment Can Supercharge Your Practice
    Nordengren, Chase; Mabry, Brooke; Underwood, Steve; Beard, Erin; Wells, Lauren; and McCoy, Vicki.
    NWEA e-book
  4. Turning a New Page: Guiding Instruction and Using MAP Growth amid COVID-19 School Closures
    Nordengren, Chase; and Jensen, Nate.
    NWEA white paper


  1. Goal-Setting Practices That Support a Learning Culture
    Nordengren, Chase
    Phi Delta Kappan


  1. “No Fun Games”: Engagement Effects of Two Gameful Assessment Prototypes
    Guerreiro, Meg; and Nordengren, Chase
    Journal of Research on Technology in Education


  1. Teaching New Dogs New Tricks: Teacher Leadership in the Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT)
    Nordengren, Chase
    Issues in Teacher Education


  1. Ties and Talk: Tracing the Work of Informal Teacher Leaders through Mixed Methods Social Network Research
    Nordengren, Chase R.
    Doctoral dissertation, University of Washington
  2. Four Decades of Collective Leadership: The Connection between Leadership Theories of Action and Student Achievement
    Nordengren, Chase
    In Challenges and Opportunities of Educational Leadership Research and Practice (ed. Bowers, Alex J. and Shoho, Alan R. and Barnett, Bruce G., p. 17–53)